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A travel guide for the recreational trails located throughout our beautiful state

Colorado has an extensive network of paved and unpaved recreational trails that are a wonderful and special way to see this beautiful state.

These multi-use tails are sometimes referred to as bikeways, bike paths, walking tracks, running paths, pedestrian trails or cycling routes. Whatever the term, these recreational trails offer a way to experience very special parts of our state that you may not see as you drive the roadways.

WalkRideColorado.com covers over 100 multi-use, paved and unpaved trail systems that are placed in very lovely out-of-the-way locations. The trails are often located away from busy traffic and congestion. You can travel through cottonwood groves, along quiet creeks, through evergreen forests or open grassland. Any one of these paths may run right through the middle of a large city, travel across wide open prairie or meander through a picturesque mountain resort town.

This site is a reference for those that wish to visit these exceptional places, to walk their dog, take a run, observe some wildlife, ride a bike, go fishing or push a stroller. Enjoying a day on the trail can also be a great educational and inexpensive family excursion.

WalkRideColorado.com provides descriptions of the trails and zoomable Google maps for the trails along with references to parking and restroom facilities. Each trail description includes a Off-site Links section with links to the official web sites for the trails and other local information.

Along with our trail descriptions and maps, we also offer photo galleries of the trails, latest news about recreational trail expansion and dialog articles on particular trails.

Whether you are a Colorado native, new to living in the state or just here for a visit, we hope that WalkRideColorado.com can help you locate a trail that leads you to a wonderful experience.

Our Trail Descriptions

Bike trail along Cherry Creek in Denver

The trail descriptions on WalkRideColorado.com give overall information for the recreational trails for a particular city or local community. Each of these pages will list trail names for that area. For extensive trail systems, we may have an additional page with further details and an associated map.

If there is a corresponding larger map for the city or community page, there will be a link to get to the page with the larger map.

Each city or community page will also have external links for official web pages for the trails. Visit these off-site pages for further details such as trail conditions.

Our Trail Maps

map 175x175

WalkRideColorado.com Trail Maps have overlays for the trails that use Google Maps.

These maps are zoomable and you can toggle satellite view to see the surrounding terrain. Zoom in to see street details, zoom out to see the overall layout of the trail.

The maps also show icons for parking, restrooms and other special features of the trails. 

To see the name of the trail, click on the colored line on the map.

Our Other Features

Leadville bike trail

WalkRideColorado.com also includes many other resources for finding our more about the multi-use bike and pedestrian paths in Colorado.

Resources: We have extensive off-site links to the official websites for the trails. here you can find out current trail conditions, plans for expansion and see which community is responsible for specific trails.

Photo Galleries: The multi-use bike and pedestrian paths offer spectacular views of the Colorado scenery. The photo gallery shows you views along these trails so you know what to expect if you have a chance to visit.

In the News: Here we link to news articles and web site posts regarding the system of recreational trails throughout the state.

Dialog: This section has a articles on a varitety of subjects regarding the trails.

WalkRide is expanding

walkrideusa logo

We wanted to highlight some of the beautiful recreational trail systems in other locations throughout the United States, so we are in the process of developing a WalkRide website that has maps and descriptions for bike paths and walking trails in other states.

The Walk Ride U.S.A. website is just in the beginning stages, and we only have covered a few of the states.

Each week you will see additional states covered and more and more trails added. For now we have added the nearby states of Utah, Idaho and then on up to the recreational trails in the State of Washington.

So come take a look at www.walkrideusa.com, discover other trails you want to ride, walk or run along.