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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Parker, Colorado

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Parker, Colorado

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Baldwin Gulch Trail

Bayou Gulch Regional Park Trail

Centennial Trail

Cottonwood Park Trail

Cherry Creek Trail

East / West Regional Trail

Newlin Gulch Trail

Main Street Trail

Pinery Loop Trail

Pinery Parkway Trail

Sulphur Gulch Trail

Tallman Gulch Trail



Denver Metro

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Regional Trails

Parker is located to the southeast of the Denver Metro area in Central Colorado. The town is situated in a pretty valley along Cherry Creek with low hills to the east and west. Communities in this area include Stonegate and The Pinery.

The town has over 20 miles of recreational trails that include regional trails that link communities and local trails that wander through neighborhoods, past commercial areas and through the many local parks and open spaces. These are trails for bike riding, walking and running.

Cherry Creek Trail

The Cherry Creek Trail is a 42-mile long paved pathway that travels from Downtown Denver, past Cherry Creek Reservoir, through Parker and ends at Franktown to the east of Castle Rock. The trail is located in the natural greenbelt alongside Cherry Creek as it meanders through the heart of the urban downtown area, goes through historic neighborhoods in the middle of Denver, goes past the suburban residential and commercial areas and eventually winds through high prairie grasslands and cottonwood groves. Leaving Denver, the trail goes around Cherry Creek Reservoir to the north of the Parker area then heads south, traveling through Parker and points south.

Many of the other recreational trails in Parker connect to the Cherry Creek Trail then head off to the east and to the west into the residential neighborhoods.

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Centennial Trail

The Centennial Trail is a 13-mile long paved pathway located alongside Highway E-470 on the southeast side of the Denver Metro area. The trail extends from the High Line Canal Trail at the east end of McClellen Reservoir and west of S. Broadway in Littleton to where it meets the Cherry Creek Trail to the west of the Parker Road and E-47 interchange in Parker. The trail goes through miles of high prairie grasslands and has nice views of the mountains to the west.

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Sulphur Gulch Trail

The Sulphur Gulch Trail is a 5-mile long paved pathway that connects to the Cherry Creek Trail at Bar CCC Park near Mainstreet and S. Twenty Mile Road in Parker. The Sulphur Gulch Trail then heads off to the east along the natural areas of the creek as it wanders past the commercial district and through the residential neighborhoods. There is an underpass for crossing Parker Road. The trail goes past Riva Ridge Park and Canterberry Crossing Recreational Center. The southeast end of the trail is located at Buffalo Berry Drive to the east of Paperflower Drive.

Baldwin Gulch Trail

The Baldwin Gulch Trail is a 1.5-mile long paved pathway that extends from Pine Lane, to the west of S. Twenty Mile Road to Pine Drive just south of Lincoln Avenue. The west end of the trail allows a connection to Cherry Creek Trail using the side paths along Pine Lane. There are underpasses for crossing S. Twenty Mile Road, S. Parker Road, Lincoln Avenue and Village Creek Parkway.

Tallman Gulch Trail

The Tallman Gulch Trail is a 3.5-mile long paved pathway that extends from Mainstreet to Buffaloberry Drive along Tallman Gulch. The trail intersects Sulphur Gulch Trail at the north end and wraps around residential neighborhoods to the east side of Parker Road. The south end of the trail goes past Tallman Park, Legend High School and Cimarron Middle School.

Pinery Loop Trail

The Pinery Loop Trail is a paved pathway that connects to the Cherry Creek Trail near Pinery Parkway to the south of Parker. The trail follows alongside N. Pinery Parkway as far as Mountain View Elementary School. Other sections of the trail system wrap around Bingham Lake.

Bayou Gulch Regional Park & Open Space

There are several trails at Bayou Gulch Regional Park along Bayou Gulch Road to the west of Highway 83 on the south side of The Pinery community.


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