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Map of bike paths / walking paths in the Aurora area


Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Aurora, Colorado

Aurora Colorado map area

Aurora, Colorado

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Bike Paths / Walking Paths

Aurora Reservoir Trail

Aurora Sports Park Trail

Centennial Trail

Cherry Creek Trail

Cherry Creek Spillway Trail

Conservatory West Trail

Del Mar Park Trail

E-470 Bikeway / Pedestrian Trail

Expo Park Trail

Greenway Park Trail

Happy Canyon Trail

High Line Canal Trail

Murphy Creek Trail

Piney Creek Trail

Plains Trail

Powerline Trail

Powhatan Road Trail

Quincy Reservoir Trail

Sand Creek Greenway

Tallyn's Gulch Trail

Toll Gate Creek Trail

Unnamed Creek Trail

Westerly Creek Trail

West Toll Gate Creek Trail

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Denver Metro


Regional Trails

Aurora is located to the east of the City of Denver in Central Colorado. Aurora is over 154 square miles, has a population of over 345,000 people and is the largest suburb of Denver. The city is situated on the high prairie with views of the Rocky Mountains on the western horizon.

Within the City of Aurora, there are numerous regional recreational trails as well as many trails that wander through the residential neighborhoods.

High Line Canal Trail

The High Line Canal Trail is a 60-mile long series of paved and unpaved pathways located in the southeastern portion of the Denver Metro area and crosses through a large swath of Aurora. The route follows alongside the High Line Canal that meanders through neighborhoods, designated open spaces, local parks, golf courses and commercial districts.

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Sand Creek Greenway

The Sand Creek Greenway is a 15-mile long paved and unpaved pathway located on the northeast side of the Denver Metro area including the northern part of Aurora. The trail connects to the South Platte River Trail on the north side of Denver, then heads east through Commerce City and Aurora. The east end of the Sand Creek Greenway is located on the east side of Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora.

The Sand Creek Greenway goes through the natural area alongside of Sand Creek as it goes past commercial and industrial areas. The trail also goes past several local parks, golf courses and residential neighborhoods.

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Cherry Creek Trail

The Cherry Creek Trail is a 42-mile long paved pathway that travels from Downtown Denver, past Cherry Creek Reservoir, through Parker and ends at Franktown to the east of Castle Rock. The trail is located in the natural greenbelt alongside Cherry Creek as it meanders through the heart of the urban downtown area, goes through historic neighborhoods in the middle of Denver, goes past the suburban residential and commercial areas and eventually winds through high prairie grasslands and cottonwood groves.

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Piney Creek Trail

The Piney Creek Trail is a 10-mile long paved trail system located in Centennial and Aurora, Colorado. The trail spans between Cherry Creek State Park and a residential neighborhood to the north of Inspiration Drive and west of N Piney Lake Road. On its noerthwest end, the Piney Creek Trail intersects the Cherry Creek Trail at the south end of Cherry Creek State Park. The trail then heads east winding through the residential and commercial areas of Aurora and Centennial along Orchard Road.

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Aurora Reservoir

The Aurora Reservoir is located on the southeastern part of the city. It is the largest open space park in Aurora. There is an 8-mile long paved trail that wraps around the entire reservoir that is open for bike riding, walking and running. The trail provides a great place for a family outing as there are no road crossings. There are also other paved and unpaved trails within the park.

Aurora Reservoir has picnic facilities, parking and restrooms. This is also a great place for non-motorized boating, fishing, bird watching and a good place to see some of the natural flora and fauna of the high prairie. There is a fee for parking at the park, but the perimeter trail can be reached from neighborhood trails in the area.

Toll Gate Creek Trail

The Toll Gate Creek Trail is a system pf paved pathways totally over 10 miles. The trail has a number of different sections with gaps in between.

The northern section is 1.2 miles long and connects to the Sand Creek Greenway near Sand Creek Park at Fitzsimons Parkway and Peoria Street.

The longest section of the Toll Gate Creek Trail is 6.6 miles long and spans between E. Alameda Parkway and E. Quincy Avenue. The north end of this section connects to High Line Canal Trail. The south end allows a connect to the trail around Quincy Reservoir.

The southern section is around 3 miles long and wanders through the natural areas along the creek to the south of Quincy Reservoir. and to the north of the Saddle Rock Golf Course.

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E-470 Bikeway / Pedestrian Trail

The E-470 Bikeway / Pedestrian Trail is a 7-mile long paved pathway that spans between Quincy Avenue and S. Ireland Way in Aurora. The trail intersects the Piney Creek Trail near E. Arapahoe Road and on the north side of the Saddle Rock Village shopping mall.

The E-470 Bikeway / Pedestrian Trail intersects S Gartrell Road, Arapahoe Road, Smoky Hill Road and Quincey Avenue. Othere than these major road crossings, the trail is separate from roadways and provides a great outlet for exercise.


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