The maps provided on WalkRideColorado.com are zoomable, panable and use the Google format and colors that people are most familiar with.

You can zoom in to see details and switch to Satellite View to see the aerial photography. Many of the maps for individual trails have a feature to view nearby trails or to isolate the track of the trail for a better understanding of the route.

Our maps were created using Google Maps API V3 JavaScript by digitizing Google Maps for the location of the bike trails. There may be inaccuracies in the routes. Be aware of this and make decisions using common sense as to how the route takes place on the ground. The satellite imagery can be a few years old and conditions and the route of the trail may have changed.

If there is something you feel should be corrected on our maps or in our descriptions, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

WalkRideColorado Map Features

Our maps have some very helpful features.

key smallClick on the key symbol along the left side of the map and a panel will slide out. The panel with our MAPS BY LOCATION will display a list of trails for that location. Click on the name of the trail and the map will zoom into that trail and display a label. The INDIVIDUAL TRAIL maps will display general information for the trail.


measure button

 Our maps have a feature that allows you to measure your route in miles or get a rough idea of the distance between two points. Click on the MEASURE button to activate the feature. Click along the map and a track will appear for your route. The total distance is displayed in the MEASURE box. Click on one of the red triangles along the route will and it will display the distance up to that point from the starting point. To remove the track, close the MEASURE tool or click on CLEAR. The Latitude and Longitude for each point can be used for GPS mapping.


Map Buttons

These four buttons are located in the lower right corner of our maps. The semi-circle with the arrow will refresh the map. The I button will display a popup box with information about our maps. The button with the number displays the current Zoom level for the map. The B button will turn on the Google Bicycle Layer.


Our Full Page Maps

We have now added FULL PAGE MAPS for each of our maps.

fullpagemap buttonClick on the FULL PAGE MAP button at the lower right of the map. This will open up a new browser window that will display the map for the city or individual trails to the full width and height of the device being used to view the map.

Google Map Annotations

Google Maps have their own annotations which may or may not agree with the route of the trail shown by the maps on WalkRideColorado. If we show a different label or a different rout than what Google has, it is likely because we have information from other sources that conflict with the annotations from Google.

The Google Maps also have the feature to turn on the Satellite Imagery for a better understanding of the trail's surroundings.

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