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Map of the Glenwood Canyon Recreation Path


Glenwood Canyon Recreation Path

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Glenwood Canyon Recreation Path


16.3 miles




Glenwood Springs, No Name, Dotsero


Glenwood Canyon, Colorado River, rest areas, hiking trails


Rio Grande Trail

Eagle Valley Regional Trail


Roaring Fork Valley

Eagle & Gypsum


Regional Trails

The Glenwood Canyon Recreation Path is a 16.3 mile long paved pathway that follows alongside the Colorado River through Glenwood Canyon in Western Colorado. The western end of the trail is located in Glenwood Springs and the eastern end is located to the west of Dotsero. The trail connects the rest areas along Interstate 70 and has beautiful views of the dramatic limestone cliffs of the narrow canyon and the powerful Colorado River flowing to the west.

To reach that Glenwood Canyon Recreation Path, you can exit Interstate 70 at on of the several rest stops between Glenwood Springs and Dotsero. The path goes right by the parking areas for the rest stops and als past the trailhead for Hanging Lake.


The Glenwood Canyon Recreation Path is paved for the entire route. The trail is open for bike riding, walking and running. There is a short section where trail users need to use a roadway, but the remainder is a separate path. There are narrow sections of the trail and some sharp turns. The trail can get congested during summer months. Verify the condition of the trail when planning your trip.

Parking, water and restrooms are available an the several rest stops along the interstate.


The Glenwood Canyon Recreation Path goes near to the following communities: Glenwood Springs, No Name and Dotsero.

Points of Interest

The Glenwood Canyon Recreation Path goes near the following points of interest:

Glenwood Springs Hotel and Hot Springs Pool
No Name Rest Area
Jess Weaver Trailhead
Grizzly Creek Rest Area
Grizzly Creek Trailhead
Hanging Lake Rest Area and Trailhead
Bair Ranch Rest Area
Dotsero Trailhead
Nearby Trails

Rio Grande Trail: the north end of the Rio Grande Trail is located a half mile west of the west end of the Glenwood Canyon Recreation Path in Glenwood Springs. The Rio Grande Trail then heads south through the beautiful Roaring Fork Valley, travelling through Carbondale and as far south as Aspen.

Eagle Valley Regional Trail: the Eagle Valley Regional Trail travels through the Eagle Valley alongside Highway 6, which serves as the frontage road for Interstate 70. The trail system has been developed in a number of sections, the western most section being about 4 miles east of the east end of the Glenwood Canyon Recreation Path. A connection can be made between the two trails by travelling along the frontage roads for Interstate 70 to each side of Dotsero.

End Points

The west end of the Glenwood Canyon Recreation Path is located at the end of E. 6th Street to the east of the Glenwood Hotel and Hot Springs Pool in Glenwood Springs.

The east end of the path is located at the Dotsero Trailhead, which is at the end of the frontage road on the north side of Interstate 70, 2.75 miles west of the Dotsero Exit.


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