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Loveland, Colorado

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Benson Sculpture Park

Chapungu Scuplture Park Path

Fairgrounds Park Trails

Front Range Trail

High Plains Environmental Center Trail

Horsehoe Lake Trail

Lake Loveland Path

Long View Trail

Loveland Recreation Trail

Loveland Sports Park Path

North Lake Park Path

Rivers Edge Natural Area


Fort Collins


Regional Trails

Loveland is located in Northern Colorado. The city is situated on the prairie adjacent to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and is along one of the most popular routes to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Loveland has a recreational trail system that loops around the city as well as walking trails within the parks and neighborhoods.

Loveland Recreation Trail

The Loveland Recreation Trail is a system of mostly paved pathways that form a loop of over 20-miles around the city. The trail goes through local parks, along the Big Thompson River, through residential neighborhoods, through Boyd Lake State Park and around the Loveland Civic Center. The trail is located away from roadways for the most part. There are some road crossings, but underpasses are provided for many of the major thoroughfares. There are still a few short gaps remaining in the loop at this point.

One section of the Loveland Recreational Trail follows the Big Thompson River. This section spans from the east side of S. Lincoln Avenue to Wilson Avenue. The trail goes through Fairgrounds Park, past Rivers Edge Natural Area, under 1st Street, and past Centennial Park. To the west of N. Taft Avenue, the trail wanders through natural areas away from roadways and traffic. Cottonwood trees line the route and there are spots to watch the river. At Wilson Avenue, the trail heads north then west to follow alongside Big Barns Ditch for 1 mile.

There is a 0.6-mile long stretch that is not paved between Wilson Avenue and Namaqua Road. This section remains in a natural condition and is not suitable for road bikes. There are very pretty views of the natural areas along the Big Thompson River and of Longs Peak and the Indian Peaks Wilderness in the distance. The trail is paved to the west of Namaqua Road.

The trail then leaves the ditch to tuck under Eisenhower Boulevard and wander through residential neighborhoods. In this section, the trail goes through Mehaffey Park. The trail then follows Wilson Avenue for a short stretch, then heads off into residential neighborhoods ending at W. 57th Street.

A short gap exists in the loop at W. 57th Street and N. Taft Avenue.

The remainder of the Loveland Recreation Trail picks up again to the west of Highway 287. The trail has an underpass for crossing the Highway 287 near the Walmart. From here the trail follows the powerline corridor to Boyd Lake State Park. The trail heads south to wander through the park and stops at Denver Avenue. The trail picks up again to the north of Eisenhower and heads west to an underpass for getting across the busy roadway.

South of Eisenhower, the Loveland Recreation Trail follows alongside an irrigation ditch to the Loveland Civic Center. The trail wraps around the south side of the center then there is a short gap in the trail at S. Washington Avenue. The trail picks up again at S. Washington Avenue and 4th Street SE.

Long View Trail

The Long View Trail is a 4.2-mile long paved pathway that connects the Loveland Recreation Trail with the Fossil Creek Trail at the Cathy Fromme Prairie on the southwest side of Fort Collins. The trail was open in August of 2018 and forms an important connect between the recreation trails in Loveland and Fort Collins. This is the second recreational trail that connects the two cities, the other being the Front Range Trail that connects to the Loveland Recreation Trail near Boyd Lake State Park.

The Long View Trail roughly parallels S. Shields Street meanders through the Sunset Vista Natural Area, passes the Coyote Ridge Natural Area, goes through Long View Open Space, Colina Mariposa Natural Area and the Hazaleus Natural Area. The north end of the Long View Trail connects to the Fossil Creek Trail that travels trhough the Cathy Fromme Prairie Natural Area. The Fossil Creek Trail then heads north to Spring Canyon Park allowing for a connection to the Spring Creek Trail.

Parking for the Long View Trail is available along W. 57th Street in Loveland and at the Cathy Fromme Prairie Open Space along S. Shields Street in Fort Collins.

In the future, the Long View Trail will also connect to the Loveland Recreation Trail that travels between N. Garfiled Avenue and Boyd Lake State Park.

Please note that the location of the Long View Trail on our map is approximate as the Google Map satellite view has not yet be updated to reflect the construction of the trail.

Benson Sculpture Park

There are walking paths in Benson Sculpture Park that have numerous large sculptures by local artists. The park is to the north of Lake Loveland and 29th Street. Loveland is famous for its artist community and hold sculpture exhibits every summer.

Chapungu Scupture Park

The Chapungu Sculpture Park is located adjacent to the Villages at Centerra shopping area on the east side of Interstate 25 and north of Highway 34. There are paved and unpaved walking paths that wander along the waterway through cottonwood groves. At the park you will find numerous sculptures with an African theme.

High Plains Environmental Center

The High Plains Environmental Center is located on the east side of the city, just west of Interstate 25 and north of the Centerra shopping area. The environmental center has over 4 miles of paved and unpaved walking paths that circle around two lakes and follow along the canal. There are also walking paths within the adjacent neighborhoods that connect to the paths in the natural areas. There are office buildings and apartments along the route as well as being adjacent to the Medical Center of the Rockies.

The paths of High Plains Environmental Center provide vistas of the peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park along the horizon and are a good place to see some of the local waterfowl.

Front Range Trail

The Loveland Recreation Trail is one portion of the Colorado Front Range Trail system and a 2.2-mile long paved branch of the Front Range Trail has been constructed between Loveland and Fort Collins connecting the recreation trail systems for the two cities.

The Front Range Trail connects to the Loveland Recreation Trail along Larimer County Road 11 C near the north end of Boyd Lake State Park. The Front Range Trail then heads north along the county road and takes a bend at Larimer County Road 30. From there the trail heads bends again going north through residential areas. The trail eventually connects to the Fossil Creek Wetlands Trail along Larimer County Road 32. This allows a connection to the Power Trail and other recreation trails within Fort Collins.

This section of the Front Range Trail is one of two recreation trails connecting the two cities. The Long View Trail along S. Shields Street also connects the recreation trail systems.


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