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Map of the Clear Creek Trail


Clear Creek Trail, Denver Metro Area, Colorado

Clear Creek Trail Colorado map area

Clear Creek Trail, Colorado


20 miles




Golden, Arvada, Wheat Ridge, Berkley, Twin Lakes, Welby


local parks, greenbelt along the creek, connections to other trails


Highway 93 Multi-Use Path

6th Avenue Multi-Use Path

Fairmont Trail

Ralston Creek Trail

Little Dry Creek Trail

South Platte River Trail



Denver Metro


Regional Trails

The Clear Creek Trail is a 20-mile long paved pathway that extends from Golden to Welby in the Denver Metro area of Colorado. The trail is located in the natural area follows alongside Clear Creek as it meanders through much of the northwestern part of the Denver Metro area. 

The Clear Creek Trail goes through Downtown Golden, past numerous schools, lakes and local parks,under many of the major roadways along the route and connects to several other recreational trails along the way. The trail is popular with residents that want some outdoor exercise or those commuting to work or to school on a bike.


The Clear Creek Trail is paved for the entire route. The trail is open for non-motorized use such as bike riding, walking and running. Much of the trail goes through natural areas away from streets and traffic. There are numerous street crossings and portions of the trail are located in congested areas. There are underpasses for crossing many of the major roadways. There is an elevation change across the entire route and some climbs in the western portions of the trail.

There is a short gap in the trail near W. 52nd Avenue where trail users need to travel along Gray Street to get to the next section.


The Clear Creek Trail goes past the following communities in the Denver Metro area: Golden, Wheat Ridge, Arvada, Berkley, Twin Lakes and Welby.

Points of Interest

The Clear Creek Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Clear Creek Canyon Wheat Ridge Recreation Center
Golden Community Center Everitt Middle School
Lions Park Anderson Park
Clear Creek Whitewater Park Johnson Park
Golden Library Creekside Park
Parfet Park Ralston Creek Trail
Vanover Park Little Dry Creek Trail
Coors Brewery Lowell Ponds State Wildlife Area
West Lake / Tabor Lake Softball Country Athletics Fields
Prospect Park South Platte River Trail
Nearby Trails

The Clear Creek Trail intersects several other regional recreational trails along its route.

Highway 93 Multi-Use Path: southeast of the interchange between the Golden Freeway and 6th Avenue in Golden. The Highway 93 Multi-Use Path heads to the north from this location.

6th Avenue Multi-Use Path: southeast of the interchange between the Golden Freeway and 6th Avenue in Golden. The 6th Avenue Multi-Use Path heads to the south from this location.

Fairmont Trail: the Fairmont Trail is located just north of the Clear Creek Trail and can be reached from W. 44th Avenue, on the east side of Golden. The Fairmont Trail heads north to Arvada.

Ralston Creek Trail: southwest of the intersection of Sheridan Boulevard and Ralston Road in Arvada. The Ralston Creek Trail heads to the northwest and travels through the neighborhoods of Arvada as far as Highway 93.

Little Dry Creek Trail: north of W. 64th Avenue and west of Pecos Street. The Little Dry Creek Trail heads off to the northwest as far as Standley Lake.

South Platte River Trail: south of E. 74th Avenue, west of Interstate 76 in Welby to the northeast of Commerce City. The South Platte River Trail heads off to the north to Thornton and to the south towards Downtown Denver and as far south as the boundary between Denver and Englewood.

End Points

The west end of the Clear Creek Trail is located along Highway 6, Clear Creek Canyon Road, to the west of 6th Avenue. This location is west of Downtown Golden.

The east end of the the trail is located at a point along the South Platte River south of E 74th Avenue and west of Interstate 76 in the community of Welby. This location is northeast of Commerce City. The Clear Creek Trail intersects the South Platte River Trail at this point. The South Platte River Trail heads to the north towards Thornton and to the south to Downtown Denver. There is a trailhead with parking off of E. 74th Avenue that is close to where the two trails intersect.


Following are links to official off-site resources to find out more details about the Clear Creek Trail in Golden, Arvada, Wheat Ridge and Welby, Colorado.





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